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If I am so situated that there appears no probability of missing theinfection, it tends to make me think whether my manner of life in thingsoutward has nothing in it which may unfit my body to receive this messenger ina way the most favourable to me. Do I use food and drink in no other sort andin no other degree than was designed by Him who gave these creatures for oursustenance? Do I never abuse my body by inordinate labour, striving toaccomplish some end which I have unwisely proposed? Do I use action enough insome useful employ, or do I sit too much idle while some persons who labour tosupport me have too great a share of it? If in any of these things I amdeficient, to be incited to consider it is a favour to me. Employment isnecessary in social life, and this infection, which often proves mortal,incites me to think whether these social acts of mine are real duties. If I goon a visit to the widows and fatherless, do I go purely on a principle ofcharity, free from any selfish views? If I go to a religious meeting it puts meon thinking whether I go in sincerity and in a clear sense of duty, or whetherit is not partly in conformity to custom, or partly from a sensible delightwhich my animal spirits feel in the company of other people, and whether tosupport my reputation as a religious man has no share in it. I have felt great distress of mind since I came on this island, on accountof the members of our Society being mixed with the world in various sorts oftraffic, carried on in impure channels. Great is the trade to Africa forslaves; and for the loading of these ships a great number of people areemployed in their factories, among whom are many of our Society. Friends inearly times refused on a religious principle to make or trade in superfluities,of which we have many testimonies on record; but for want of faithfulness,some, whose examples were of note in our Society, gave way, from which otherstook more liberty. Members of our Society worked in superfluities, and boughtand sold them, and thus dimness of sight came over many; at length Friends gotinto the use of some superfluities in dress and in the furniture of theirhouses, which hath spread from less to more, till superfluity of some kinds iscommon among us. Dwell here, my dear friends; and then in remote and solitary deserts you mayfind true peace and satisfaction. If the Lord be God, in truth and reality,there is safety for us: for He is a stronghold in the day of trouble, andknoweth them that trust in Him. After this meeting I joined with my friends, Daniel Stanton and JohnScarborough, in visiting Friends who had slaves. At night we had a familymeeting at William Trimble's, many young people being there; and it was aprecious, reviving opportunity. Next morning we had a comfortable sitting witha sick neighbour, and thence to the burial of the corpse of a Friend atUwchland Meeting, at which were many people, and it was a time of divinefavour, after which we visited some who had slaves. In the evening we had afamily meeting at a Friend's house, where the channel of the gospel love wasopened, and my mind was comforted after a hard day's labour. The next day wewere at Goshen Monthly Meeting, and on the 18th attended the Quarterly Meetingat London Grove, it being first held at that place. Here we met again with allthe before-mentioned Friends, and had some edifying meetings. Being thus tried with favour and prosperity, this world appeared inviting; ourminds have been turned to the improvement of our country, to merchandise andthe sciences, amongst which are many things useful, if followed in pure wisdom;but in our present condition I believe it will not be denied that a carnal mindis gaining upon us. Some of our members, who are officers in civil government,are, in one case or other, called upon in their respective stations to assistin things relative to the wars; but being in doubt whether to act or to craveto be excused from their office, if they see their brethren united in thepayment of a tax to carry on the said wars, may think their case not muchdifferent, and so might quench the tender movings of the Holy Spirit in theirminds. Thus, by small degrees, we might approach so near to fighting that thedistinction would be little else than the name of a peaceable people. Deeply sensible that the desire to gratify people's inclinations in luxuriesand superfluities is the principal ground of oppression, and the occasion ofmany unnecessary wants, he believed it to be his duty to be a patter of greatself-denial with respect to the things of this life, and earnestly to labourwith Friends in the meekness of wisdom, to impress on their minds the greatimportance of our testimony in these things, recommending to the guidance ofthe blessed truth in this and all other concerns, and cautioning such as areexperienced therein against contenting themselves with acting by the standardof others, but to be careful to make the standard of truth manifested to themthe measure of their obedience. For, said he, "that purity of life whichproceeds from faithfulness in following the spirit of truth, that state whereour minds are devoted to serve God, and all our wants are bounded by Hiswisdom; this habitation has often been opened before me as a place ofretirement for the children of the light, where they may stand separated fromthat thwich disordereth and confuseth the affairs of society, and where we havea testimony of our innocence in the hearts of those who behold us."We conclude with fervent desires that we as a people may thus by our examplepromote the Lord's work in the earth, and, our hearts being prepared, may unitein prayer to the great Lord of the harvest, that as in His infinite wisdom Hehath greatly stripped the Church by removing of late divers faithful ministersand elders, He may be pleased to send forth many more faithful labourers intoHis harvest. 2019在线情侣自拍视频/国内精品自拍视频在线播放/国内免费自拍1视频/国内自拍久久久久影院 � Was this day at Nottingham; the forenoon meeting was especially, through divinelove, a heart-tendering season. Next day I had a meeting in a Friend's family,which, through the strengthening arm of the Lord, was a time to be thankfullyremembered. Dwell here, my dear friends; and then in remote and solitary deserts you mayfind true peace and satisfaction. If the Lord be God, in truth and reality,there is safety for us: for He is a stronghold in the day of trouble, andknoweth them that trust in Him. Having proceeded thus far, I felt easy to leave the essay amongst Friends,for them to proceed in it as they believed best. And now an exercise revived inmy mind in relation to lotteries, which were common in those parts. I hadmentioned the subject in a former sitting of this meeting, when arguments were used in favour of Friends being held excused who were only concerned in suchlotteries as were agreeable to law. And now, on moving it again, it was opposedas before; but the hearts of some solid Friends appeared to be united todiscourage the practice amongst their members, and the matter was zealouslyhandled by some on both sides. In this debate it appeared very clear to me thatthe spirit of lotteries was a spirit of selfishness, which tended to confuseand darken the understanding, and that pleading for it in our meetings, whichwere set apart for the Lord's work, was not right. In the heat of zeal, I madereply to what an ancient Friend said, and when I sat down I saw that my wordswere not enough seasoned with charity. After this I spoke no more on thesubject. At length a minute was made, a copy of which was to be sent to theirseveral Quarterly Meetings, inciting Friends to labour to discourage thepractice amongst all professing with us. After a short conference some Friends went out, and, looking over it,expressed their willingness to have it read, which being done, many expressedtheir unity with the proposal, and some signified that to have the subjects ofthe petition enlarged upon, and signed out of meeting by such as were free,would be more suitable than to do it there. Though I expected at first that ifit was done it would be in that way, yet such was the exercise of my mind thatto move it in the hearing of Friends when assembled appeared to me as a duty,for my heart yearned towards the inhabitants of these parts, believing that bythis trade there had been an increase of inquietude amongst them, and way hadbeen made for the spreading of a spirit opposite to that meekness and humilitywhich is a sure resting-place for the soul; and that the continuance of thistrade would not only render their healing more difficult, but would increasetheir malady.